Experimental Audio Recording Projects

Dean Terry has been making recordings since 1986, and has released numerous limited edition cassettes and CD's under the name 'therefore'.

The work is often driven by writing and ranges from 4-track analog soundscapes and poetry to ironic industrial pop to oblique experimental electronic music.

Representative examples are presented below. Underlined selections are available in mp3 format. They are freely distributable if unaltered and proper credit is given to 'therefore' and Dean Terry.

A new set of recordings is underway will be available in late 2004. Previous work is available on CD. Email for information: dean (at) deanterry.com


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Incorrect Object
Recorded 1996 - 1998 in Los Angeles


Incorrect Object



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Recorded 1995 - 1997 in Los Angeles

White Monkey




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Litttle Features
Recorded 1993 - 1994 in Los Angeles

Real Estate Woman

Forget the World


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4 Track Recordings
Recorded 1988 - 1992 in Denton TX and Los Angeles, CA.

* This project was originally released on a series of cassettes. It is currently being restored, remixed, & remastered from the original analog 4-track tapes. A Full CD will be available in 2004.

Dream #7

Particular Destination

Say Hello



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