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Bubble 2.0

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

OK this
is funny. I played a part
in Bubble 1.0 and if we are in a Bubble 2.0 - there certainly is a frenzy over
social software
- then this
may have it down pat. One thing that was lacking in Bubble 1.0 was
irony, not to mention doubt. We were all caught in this mass hallucination that
looked something like the cover of The
Robb Report
, except younger and with email.

After the sales of myspace
and flickr, a lot of people
raised their heads from their gmail and went “hmmmm. So people really do
want to connect with other people?” Well of course they do - at least via
the mediation of a screen. Most of the built environment precludes opportunities
for interrelations. We all get to have our stuff, our houses, and our cars,
all of which keeps us at increasing distances from one another. And a good deal
of recent technology is itself to blame for the spiral of disconnectedness.

As I finish my film Subdivided
I am continually reminded how no matter how violently some societal forces push
us away from one another, we always find ways to connect, even if it’s just
groping in Second Life