Nov 30

lies are the narrative of identity


look up to me and I consider shrinking

light the fire and I consider pissing it out

touch me and I sweat and bruise in the very spot

feel sorry for me and I forget who you are

don’t panic it’s just a little part of me

a personality I don’t use much anymore

he stays up late and whines in notebooks

where most of the pages are blank

tell me what to do and I do it

lies are the narrative of identity


Nov 29

holes instead of things


in this space small things that become big

and consume time

where projected lights reveal holes instead of things

where fire burns as it heals

here my reflection turns away

and takes a minute to reconsider

“are you sure you are looking in the right place?”

(we both agree to disagree)

this is where I push & squeeze at the same time

swallow and spit

dance and sleep

I always come back here

now lets look for holes

and destroy things.


Nov 24

guilt to grit (slow)


gliding in a hand gesture
guilt to grit

right to left in the air
but making an imaginary sound
the kind we both hear

where you are you hear the other hand clap
I’m vertical but curved in a predictable slump

the little problems we solve all day disappear
and turn into money

it is time to be slow
to float and glow
where hands in movement

measure the weight and breath of time


Sep 30

don't click


don’t click anywhere near here

not where we’re sitting

and reading and talking

not where the breath

is propelled by laughing

when we are together

it’s time for machines to sleep


Sep 27
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