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March 23, 2006


Suburban Peephole

This is what I see when I look out the peephole in my front door. I'm tempted to look out before I open the door not for security reasons, but because I'm trying to avoid my neighbors.

Why? Because it has become so uncomfortable always having to pretend they are not there. Talking in the street goes against the weltanshuung of the neighborhood. The rule is: minimal human interaction.

There are only so many ways of ignoring people you see frequently. It gets old. So instead, I spy on them, and only go out when no one is outside. Luckily, that is most of the time.


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March 15, 2006

Subdivided to Screen in McKinney

A "fine cut" of Subdivided: Isolation and Community in America will play at the Heard Museum in McKinney this coming Tuesday night @ 7:30.The event will include a Q&A and should be completed by 9PM. It costs $5, or $2 for students. Here are directions.

Thanks to the Dallas Video Festival for hosting this event!


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March 06, 2006

No Anything

No Anything
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In other words - no youth transportation allowed.

There are no areas for kids to go and be kids, so they go to the leftover spaces between and behind things. In the back another shopping strip near here I found a group of teenagers skateboarding on the pavement of the loading docks.

There's a similar sign in the local mall that says "no dancing."

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