Sample in-progress pages from experimental book project. This is the left and right page seen together. The unfortunate thing about most electronic book formats is they assume you only want to see one page at a time. If you design a book visually based on the assumption that you can see two pages at once, then an electronic version will not work. This demands creating an ebook where each page is really two, or an app (iPad, etc.) which is unfortunate.

I’ve started to compile images and text for a book-like project based on 1800 posts from a fictional twitter account. I have all the text sources I’ll need, some ideas about image strategies, but am stuck at typography, which I have limited facility with. I’m pretty sure each page will be some combination of full bleed image and large text. The problem is finding interesting ways to present the text in varied ways while preserving continuity. The sample image here works for me in terms of the photo and it’s relation to the words, but I very much dislike the way the text inhabits the page (composition, fonts, transparency, etc). Your ideas are welcome.